who we are

Keiko is built by a team of data security and search experts at Cofame, Inc.

our board of directors and advisors & OUR TEAM

our team

Our team cares deeply about your needs to connect while maintaining control over your privacy.

  • hitoshi kawanabe
  • kanji noguchi
  • kenji sugimura
  • allen miner
  • hitoshi tanii
  • keith teare

What drives us, Our philosophy

With so much business and personal data on the Internet we minimize the noise to only present the most meaningful information, so you can boost productivity and build better relationships.


Keiko is powered by sophisticated technologies such as distributed computing, machine learning, and data security. She can collect and analyze large amount of internet data in real-time, and learn continuously through data modeling and processing algorithms.

our investors

  • SMBC Venture Capital
  • Umeda Startup Fund
  • Senshu Ikeda Capital